Top 25 National Rankings: How does North Texas rank amongst the Elite?

We believe that North Texas Soccer is deservingly envied by soccer enthusiast within most regions within the United States, for the shear amount of premium competition we have here in our backyard. So to see just how our top NTX teams rank nationally, we did some homework. First we wanted to disclose that we don’t support the GotSoccer rankings system. It’s pretty bogus, because it only awards points to teams that participate within their GotSoccer sanctioned tournaments, with little regard to the level of competition. So for our breakdown, we chose to use Their rankings system literally accounts for EVERY game a team plays, and places a weight on the competition level. So we felt that it would give us a better viewpoint on ranking youth soccer nationally. That said, lets take a peek a how we (NTX) stack up against competition around the nation:

2010 Girls

  • #
9- Solar SC Colvin
  • #11- Dallas Texans Scarfone Samba

It’s definitely worth mentioning that #30 is FC Dallas Heisserer.

2010 Boys

  • #5- Dallas Texans Pre-Academy Salazar
  • #14- FC Dallas Perez


2009 Girls

  • #1- DKSC Voutier
  • #8- Solar SC Adames
  • #12- Solar SC Angelone
  • #23- DKSC Bones

The top-ranked DKSC Voutier team was the first ever girls teams to qualify and compete in the Division 1 Boys Classic League this past season. It’s also apparent that both Solar SC and DKSC are doing something really well. Both have 2 teams ranked Top 25 nationally. Fun age group to keep an eye on.

2009 Boys

  • #13- Allegiance FC Black
  • #24- Garland Tigres Academy FT Worth 

We find it awesome that small independent clubs represent us at the national level. Allegiance and Garland Tigres have 2 great teams. It’s also worth mentioning #26- Solar SC Pre DA Kennington, as they just missed the Top 25. 



2008 Girls

  • #6- Solar SC Cavalle Richie
  • #9- Sting SC Black ECNL
16- Dallas Texans ECNL

Also worth mentioning that #29 is FC Dallas ECNL. 


2008 Boys

No 2008 Boys teams are ranked in the Top 25 nationally. However, our shoutout goes to 34- Solar SC Pre DA McKinney, as the NTX team to break the Top 50 . 


2007 Girls

  • #3- FCDallas (formerly DA)
  • #5- Solar SC ECNL

Also should mention 27- FC Dallas ECNL, just missing the Top 25.

2007 Boys

  • #4- FC Dallas (formerly DA)
  • #6- FC Dallas (Premier)
12- Solar SC (formerly DA)

Due to the collapse of USSF (and the pending emergence of the MLS Youth Elite), we will began to see more entries of former DA teams in these rankings, beginning with 2007 age groups.



2006 Girls

  • #6- Solar SC ECNL
  • #10- FC Dallas ECNL
  • #12- FC Dallas (formerly DA)

Also should mention 26- Sting SC ECNL, just missing the Top 25

2006 Boys

  • #14- FC Dallas (formerly DA)

Also should mention 31- FC Dallas Premier, just missing the Top 25.


2005 Girls

  • #17- Solar SC ENCL
  • #19- FC Dallas (formerly DA)

2005 Boys

  • #5- FC Dallas (formerly DA)
  • #12- DKSC Selecao
  • #14- FC Dallas Premier
  • #16- FC Dallas Premier J Dane
  • #19- Solar SC ECNL
  • #24- Dallas Texans (formerly DA now ECNL)

This is the most heavily represented age group we have, with 6 teams in the Top 25. FCD has a heavy representation here. We will wait to see how them now offering an ECNL on the boys side impacts the double “premier” designation listed here.


2004 Girls

  • #12- FC Dallas (formerly DA)
  • #13- Solar SC ECNL
  • #22- Solar SC ECNL RL
  • #25- DKSC ECNL

2004 Boys

  • #22- FC Dallas Premier

This is also the only NTX team listed in the Top 50.


2003 Girls

  • #1- Solar SC ECNL
  • #20- Sting SC ECNL

Also should mention 29- DKSC ECNL, just missing the Top 25.

2003 Boys

  • #10- Solar SC De Leon
  • #20- FC Dallas Premier


2002 Girls

  • #12- Sparta FC Elite

Another awesome instance of a smaller independent club making the list. Sparta FC is the only NTX team ranked nationally in the Top 50. This one is somewhat of an enigma.

2002 Boys

  • #21- Solar SC Castro

This is also the only NTX team listed in the Top 50.

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