Scandal Alert: Tigres 07 caught cheating in Classic QT

We are heating up on a hot issue that was recently uncovered with Classic League's QT. The Dallas Tigres 07 (Mesquite) were scheduled to advance and play the 2nd week of the Qualifier, when it was discovered that they were actually using an "un-rostered" player during QT games. Classic took actions and forfeited their week 2 QT games, which we believe was correct...


However.... if you're remember, Dallas Tigres were locked into a very tight battle to advance in Week 1 of the QT. They edged out Texas Lightning to advance with ... BUT WAS THE UNROSTERED PLAYER ON THE FIELD? If so, they should have been required to forfeith that game which decided the bracket in Week 1. For us it seems Classic should have notified and advanced Texas Lightning. You can judge for yourself, see just how tight that bracket was in Week 1 of the QT:


While it's comical, its completely understandable that the Garland Tigres Academy is seeking to distance


So you tell us. We'd love to hear from those where at the fields these past two weeks and can shed some more light on the specifics. With all the cheating scandals involving illegal rosters, most recently within the 2007 Boys age groups, Classic might need to reconsider their registration and verification process. Something more is brewing here... there will be updates.

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