Scandal: Labor Day Warryors! (Update)

Just a quick update this time, so you’ll have to do a recap of Part 1 here for context.  Seems the Warryor parents are quite busy today, working to overcome the onslaught of allegations.  Perhaps, being caught cheating isn’t as shameful as we all though. Warryors are still celebrating their “undefeated” tournament, with several celebratory posts. Check out this one:



These Warryiors are hilarious.  For now, we've reached out to Juan Nava, the coach, for further comment and any clarification. We've confirmed that a NTX will be reviewing this incident for any further possible suspensions or disciplinary actions. Stay tuned, there will be more updates. The more we continue to peel this onion, the more it stinks. Thats said, we will carry on with our digging.

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