Scandal: Labor Day Warryors!


During the U15 Boys Final of the Plano Labor Day Tournament, the 06 FC Warryors (ranked #2 in NTX) were forfeited for cheating. What was their offense? Trying to play an ineligible or suspended player.  The game was blown dead and cut short by officials, and immediately they were disqualified. 

While the shame and embarrassment is more than enough for the highly ranked team, it has created way for a snowball effect in terms further accusations of cheating.
  Such claims are the allegations that  the same team actually attempted to play an ineligible or non-rostered player in the Groups stages of the same tournament. However, even though it was caught in the group stages, they were allowed to play the illegal player in the semi-final.  That may be just the tip of the iceberg with this scandal.  A parent shared this this transcript of a convo with another team's parent:

So as you just read, there is now speculation that the cheating might have included the use of older players on the 06 FC Warryors (Nava) roster this weekend. We can only imagine the investigation this should undoubtedly ignite. We will be keeping a very close eye on this. It’s important that we say, we make no claims to have all the information. If you would like to share or clarify anything , please reach out to us. That said, we fully intend to reveal more in future updates as more information comes to light.

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