FCD to Charge Families Full Fees this Year

We recently talked to an administrator at FC Dallas about concerns for the upcoming signing day, and the increased parent concerns that COVID would spoil the season. The bulk of our inquiry was about learn if FCD would offer a discounted/reduced or alternative fee schedule if COVID-19 restrictions led to a cancelled seasons. We were told by the administrator that FCD Youth parents are 100% contractually obligated to pay the full fee, even if the season is cancelled. Their offered explanation: "Even if the season is canceled, our players will have access to coaches via the phone, zoom, and training videos."

Like many other DFW clubs, FCD also plans to provide a link to a youth sports insurance company that provides insurance if the season gets canceled. However, it's important to note that many of these companies are not offering COVID coverage.

With signing day fast approaching, what are your thoughts? Should soccer clubs have a plan prepared to cover parents from losses due to covid cancellations?


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