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Unfortunately, it didn't take long before we had another fighting incident errupt. The "royal" rumble took place on Thursday, Sept 17th during a Classic League Division game between two Texans teams... Read More
Seems like the cheating never stops. During the U15 Boys Final of the Plano Labor Day Tournament, the 06 FC Warryors (ranked #2 in NTX) were forfeited for cheating. What was their offense? Trying to play an ineligible or suspended player. The game was blown dead and cut short by officials, and immediately they were disqualified. ... Read More
As they prepare for their annual league Qualifier Tournament this week, we sat down with Stephanie Cherry, Board President of the newly rebranded Girls Classic League (GCL). Acknowledging the rich history of the Lake Highlands Girls Classic League (LHGCL), Stephanies shares insights on why the rebrand took place now, operational changes, and even some vision for where the league is going.