Royal Rumble: Dallas Texans Brawl

Unfortunately, it didn't take long before we had another fighting incident errupt. The "royal" rumble took place on Thursday, Sept 17th during a Classic League Division game between two Texans teams.  This has been reported as a bench clearing brawl, that led to over 8 red cards being issued, as refs and administrators took action to resolve and restore peace. 

For now, suspensions have indeed been handed down from Classic League, and more action is possible upon NTSSA review.  Classic League has issued 2 game suspensions to the players involved, as showen on their misconduct page here: . A few parents have mentioned that Classic might have gotten the names and numbers wrong, and so an innocent player might have been suspended.  NTX Soccer Wire is looking into this claim, and would love to help where we can. Either way, we will continue collecting details on this incident and sharing updates. 

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